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To provide outstanding dining experiences through exceptional customer service, creativity and consistently delicious cuisine.


About Apex Cuisine

At Apex Cuisine, not only do we serve delicious, interesting and creative food to our clients every day, but we strive to ensure that we do it in a way that makes you feel at home. Whether your organization has a chef cooking straight out of your kitchen or you get our meals catered in to your house, we treat our customers with the utmost respect and create a clean and comfortable atmosphere; we like to think of the food service area as an oasis away from busy school schedules and daily life.  Ultimately, Apex Cuisine is a company dedicated to you, the customer. We work every day not to simply just go through the motions, but to improve our food, our service, and the lives of our customers. If we ever cook the same meal twice, we guarantee the second time will be better than the first! We firmly believe that we can learn from every experience and do not take anything for granted. We thank our current customers for the opportunity to serve them and look forward to serving you in the future! Now lets eat!!

Souvlaki chicken / stewed lima beans & spinach / seared lemon-rosemary potatoes / tzatziki sauce

Souvlaki chicken / stewed lima beans & spinach / seared lemon-rosemary potatoes / tzatziki sauce


"From Day 1, James was incredibly accommodating and a pleasure to work with. There was never any question in my mind that he wanted what was best for us, and would do whatever he could to make sure we were happy. Ultimately, he's an honest, hardworking, and good guy - his company reflects those personality traits."

/  Aidan slavin - pi kappa phi, alpha kappa chapter, university of michigan  /


"Delta Tau Delta chose Apex Cuisine because of the strong relationships Apex builds with its customers and the dedication it has to serving its clientsWhen we need to speak with a representative at Apex, we talk to the owner because he cares about the service he is providing. The owner, James, and our cooking staff, might as well be part of our household because they work to benefit their customers before all else."